GDPR & Privacy

The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) were introduced in the UK on May 25th 2018. These regulations govern how Personal Information can be handled and how it must be protected by Data Controllers. Due to the information held on its members, the Scout Association is classed under the regulations as a Data Controller, and must comply with the GDPR. Further detailed guidance regarding the regulations and how they impact Scouting can be obtained from the Information Commissioners Office and the Legal Services Department at the Scout Association UK Headquarters.


How we handle your Personal Information at Earlston Scout Group

Earlston Scout Group utilise Online Scout Manager (OSM), a third party online management system for handling, collecting and storing personal data relevant to the day to day running of the Scout Group. The system has been specifically developed for Scouting and Guiding Organisations around the World. Information regarding the security measures employed to protect your personal data by OSM can be found on their website.

All personal data held by the Scout Group, on its members, is stored on this online platform and all regular reviews and updates of the data are done through this platform. Paper membership forms are used to initially capture the data from members, and these are securely destroyed once the data has been entered onto the online platform. On limited occasions, records may be printed out for use on activities, events or trips where online access is restricted. These records will only include information relevant to the event, and will be destroyed following completion of the activity.

The group provides parents with permanent access to all personal information records, through the MyScout parent portal of OSM. This is available for remote access by parents at any time through the internet, following completion of the account setup and secure login process. All parents are required to ensure that the data held by the group is up to date, and they are able to amend and update the records as necessary. The group sends out periodic reminders to all parents to ensure that they have reviewed the data for accuracy.

As part of a larger Scouting Organisation, the group occasionally shares information with the Scottish Scout Headquarters and the UK Scout Association. No information is passed to third parties outside Scouting.

Personal Information held on adult members and supporters of the group is also handled through the Scout Association’s online management system, Compass. This has been developed, and is managed by the Scout Association for recording of Adult Details, Training, Permits, Disclosure Scotland membership. Information regarding the use of Compass in the context of GDPR can be found on the Scouts Association website.


OSM processes all online payments using GoCardless, an online payment system. Information on how Gocardless handles your information is available on their website. At no time does the Scout Group have access to the bank details of individuals.



Individuals wishing to use the Group’s minibus are expected to submit their details, either on paper or via email. These details will include personally sensitive data, and will be destroyed securely within 3 months of the minibus being returned.


Email correspondence to and from the group is undertaken through the email system within OSM, or through our group email. Occasionally leaders may use personal email addresses, the information used will be solely for Scouting purposes and will be deleted once a young person leaves the group.

All text/telephone correspondence is undertaken using personal telephones, held by section leaders. The information is used only for Scouting purposes and will be deleted after your young person leaves Earlston Scout Group.

Requests for the information held on you or your child by the Scout Group should be made by emailing